How much better can your health be... and therefore, your life?

With this step-by-step course, you can expect to...

  • Restore the Body's Natural Balance

    When we provide the body with the tools that it needs, it restores harmony all on it's own-- and this is when we see results with our health.

  • Reclaim Your Energy!

    Chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue robs us of being our best selves on a daily basis. The well-rounded, holistic approach in this course will improve your energy so that you can once again live your life.

  • Empower Yourself

    Using the "Take Action" prompts in every module, you'll be expertly guided in creating your own individualized plan for wellness.

Here's What's Included

A complete outline of what your getting in this course based off of "The 10 Foundations of Health" I discovered the last decade working with clients.

Become the energetic person you've always wanted to be.

Have more energy, find peace, and build resilience to stress.

Balance your body now

This truly holistic approach using The 10 Foundations of Health will set you up for success because you will:

  • Individualize and design your own plan for wellness with the Take Action worksheets in every module. This sets you up to be successful with every module!

  • Get rid of toxins SAFELY, effectively, and without typical detox symptoms. Learn how to initiate a total body cleanse, to keep it going, and slow it down and taper down- which means you're in control and can prevent severe symptoms. You'll let your body guide you though.

  • Choose from two unbiased food plans (not including the food plan in the cleanse): "Whole-Foods Plant-Based Guide" and "A Guide on What to Eat After Discovering Medical Medium" where meat and many other foods are optional. BOTH are Medical Medium-friendly and aim to use the most nutritious foods to balance the body.

  • Create a movement plan that's right for you and learn where your intensity level should be to overcome chronic health challenges.

  • Build resilience to stress, find emotional healing, and find peace and relaxation with the 3 guided meditations.


  • What if I don't need ALL of the 10 Foundations of Health?

    So maybe you feel solid with some of the 10 Foundations of Health and that's fantastic! But, they're all included here because they all work together to bring harmony and balance into your body and your life. Even if, for example, you have a solid spiritual practice, it's a good idea to revisit and put attention towards that as well becase we grow and things change. And as our body is experiencing chronic health challenges that persist or we exerpience new health challenges, we want to utilize every tool in our toolbox- and ignore nothing- so that we do all we can in order to see results.

  • If doctors couldn't help me, how will this course? What is so special about it?

    I completely understand seeing doctors and not seeing any improvement. And this course is not a magic pill, nor a replacement for your doctor, and it is not promising to heal or cure illness. What this course will do is address things such as food, toxic body burden, sleep, movement, mindfulness, dealing with current and stored emotions-- all things that contribute to stress the body experiences. And when the body is freed from these various stressors, all of the body's systems (such as nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, etc.) become balanced. And when the systems are freed from stress and become balanced, this is when we see results with our health. This stuff will ENHANCE what your doctor or healing practitioner is doing for you.

  • How long will this course take? Can I go at my own pace?

    Yes, I encourage you to go at your own pace! This course will take you anywhere between a few weeks to a few months because you decide how much time for each module you need. The two modules that will require the most time to implement and work on are Module 1: "Food & Nutrition" and Module 6: "Cleansing & Getting Rid of Toxic Body Burden for Good." But don't worry! You'll be guided the whole way through and the Take Actions will help you to personalize each module.

"The Key to Getting Results With Your Health"

A message from Mandi...

Get to Know Your Coach!

  • Mandi Palmer

    Food & Lifestyle Success Coach

    Mandi Palmer

    Hi! I’m Mandi Palmer, a Food & Lifestyle Success Coach and I bring fellow sufferers of chronic illness back to life! For years I lived with chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, IBS, bloating, slow digestion, vertigo, insomnia, chronic sore throats, chemical sensitivities, a high toxic body burden, and I tried so many things to heal! But it wasn't until I took a holistic approach using the "10 Foundations of Health" and following the information published by Anthony William, The Medical Medium, that I was able to reclaim my energy, sleep, recover from my chronic symptoms, and begin to live my life as my best self. Over the past 11 years working with thousands of clients (8 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Fitness Trainer and the past 3 years as a Food & Lifestyle Success Coach) I have discovered that there are 10 Foundations of Health that we all need for our health to thrive and obtain vitality. It's what I use for myself, my clients, and now I'm putting it out there for all to utilize and benefit!

BONUS Material!!!

This course is packed FULL of life-changing material... But I didn't stop there!

  • Bonus #1: Creating your Vision, your "Why,", and Setting Intentions

    This is truly the anchor of the course where you will get in touch with the vision you see for your health, what will drive you and motivate you, and setting intentions every step of the way. You'll also keep track of your symptoms, energy level, and mentality and anything else you'd like to monitor using a scale of 1-10 to gauge where you're starting from.

  • Bonus #2: End of Course Self-Check

    After you've completed each of the modules, you'll use the End of Course Self-Check to gauge the results you wanted to see in the beginning using the same 1-10 scale so your results are easy to quantify. You'll also be prompted to explore the changes you've made to solidify your continued progress.

The 10 Foundations of Health

And why these 10 are so imperative for more energy, peace, and vitality for a healthful life. Each have a whole module

  1. Food & Nutrition- Perhaps the most important foundation of all is the food you choose to nourish your body with. Food can either lead us towards wellness or towards disease.
  2. Sleep- Another critical piece to health because the body can do so much more rebalancing if it gets restful sleep. Sleep is critical for sustained energy throughout the day.
  3. Movement- We need to move our bodies, but not too much. Create a customized movement plan for you with the right intensity level. 
  4. Mindfulness & Resilience- Get to know your strengths and commit to doing what you find relaxing and re-energizing and become resilient to stress. Mindful activities and meditation activate the parasympathetic nervous system where the body rebuilds itself.
  5. Cleansing & Getting Rid of Toxic Body Burden- When we remove the burden everyday-toxins put on our bodies, we feel lighter and more energized. Learn how to eliminate toxins from your home environment and your body. This module also includes a COMPLETE cleanse: The Gentle & Deep 3 Day Cleanse to Kick-Start Better Health!
  6. Finding Emotional Healing- Our emotions can bring us to a halt, make us behave outside of our best selves, and they can stay stored in our body adding stress to it. If we can learn to identify and release these emotions, our body and mind can be freed.
  7. Spiritual Development and practice-  Connecting to something greater than ourselves and our higher selves brings us peace, hope, and allows us to love ourselves and others more deeply. 
  8. Purpose- Having a reason for living, for getting out of bed in the morning, or just living purposefully is vital to our well-being and therefore vital to our health and wellness.
  9. Strong Relationships & Support- Loving and being loved; witnessing others and being witnessed; supporting and being supported. Being a part of a community, tribe or couple is amazing for our health and wellness because it's in our human nature to be connected with others. These relationships must not be toxic or they work against our wellness.
  10. Creativity- birthing a part of ourselves into the world is therapeutic. It feeds our soul and brings us peace to externalize a part of ourselves. 

Discover what vibrant health feels like!

Give the body the tools it needs to reduce stress and balance itself out.

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Here's what you'll get.

This course includes:

  • 12 "Take Action" worksheets that expertly guide you through customizing your own plan as if I was right there coaching you in a 1 on 1 session.

  • 8 Mini-Guides that educate, motivate, inspire, and prepare you for the "Take Action" worksheets (1-5 pages each)

  • 4 Comprehensive Guide Books (A total of 80 pages!)

  • 3 Video Power Point Presentations

  • 3 Guided Meditations with relaxing music in the background (downloadable MP3s)

  • A DIY Meal Planning Guide PLUS a Meal Planning Template

  • A Table of Emotions to go along with the emotional release strategies provided

  • BONUS: Create your vision, know your "why," and set intentions for your health and this course

  • BONUS: End of Course Self-Check to measure your results!

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